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Guys I’m a Divergent and Maze Runner fan, and I have to say it both are my favorite books in the whole world. I’ve learned a lot from Tris and I’ve never felt Hype as bad as reading the Maze Runner… As many of you know both Book’s movies made it to the final four in the Mtv Movie Brawl and the things became wicked, Divergent is just a bit ahead of Vampire Academy and sadly Maze Runner suddenly is losing with 30% against Veronica Mar’s 70% I want them both to win and face each other in the final round… Can you imagine it? Tris against Thomas wow that would be so awesome so I propouse you this guys, lets help each others, Divergent Fandom when the votes are higher than VA help the Maze Runner Fandom to beat Veronica Mars… the same for the Maze Runner fans, let’s take them both to the final round and make an epic Battle between the most awesome books in the world! Come on Gladers and Divergents let’s kick their asses!

Who’s with me?


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